Quick Style Tips For Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Spring to Summer

With the British weather changing its mind every other minute none of us can count on the sun this summer. So do we all just hang onto our woolly jumpers and thermal vests for a few months longer or should we pray the sun finally coming out of hibernation? This time of year is always the hardest for planning your outfit. The winter winds may have blown away but the rain is still coming down in buckets and your sunglasses can stay packed away in their cases. So how do we all dress for these in-between months? We want to be stylish but comfortable and we want clothes readily available to us on the high street or at the click of a button. None of us are the perfect shape we want to be and the high street can be a cruel mistress to anyone over a size 10. I was challenged by Chums who specialise in inclusive fashion for all body sizes and shapes to come up with some style tips that would take any lady no matter her age or size from Spring to Summer without breaking the bank.

Here are a few quick & simple tips from me & my fellow style bloggers on how to transition your wardrobe from Spring to Summer.

Quick Style Tips For Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Spring to Summer


I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s style guide. If you have any tips for transitioning your Spring wardrobe to Summer then leave a comment below.

*** This post was in collaboration with Chums but all my thoughts & opinions are my own ***


7 responses to “Quick Style Tips For Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Spring to Summer”

  1. Thank you for including my tip! I love all of these tips and will be taking them all on board now the spring weather has arrived. Saying that, I’m sat here with the heating on! #postsfromtheheart

  2. Beth Owen says:

    Great tips. I think it’s handy keeping a small jacket or cardigan aside ! #postsfromtheheart

  3. Great tips here. Getting my feet ready for that sun when it comes is a key one for me and the leather jacket for sure. Thanks for co-ordinating this list and sharing it. #postsfromtheheart

  4. Meg says:

    Very useful post! I’d like it to get to the stage where I don’t have to load up the buggy with an umbrella, rain coats, sun hats and suncream all at the same time … but the weather has been bonkers here! My husband took our three year old to the park the other day in blazing sunshine, and then just after they got in it started snowing! The mind boggles. #postsfromtheheart

  5. These are some really good tips, i cannot wait until the hot weather hits! #PostsFromTheHeart

  6. Great tips. I like to start wearing my denim jacket and cardigans as they are light to carry if I need to take them off #PostsFromTheHeart

  7. Fran says:

    Definitely painting toenails – Mine still have last year’s nail varnish on hahaha!

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