Hello and welcome back to week 21 of Posts From The Heart. We are officially 1/2 through the year and what an eventful year it’s been. This week to top it off I handed in my notice for my corporate day job. Ekkkkk scary times. After a very long and hard decision, I decided I wanted to build a new career that would fit around the kids so read my latest post to see what I will be up to for the rest of the year.

Why Playing The Autism Lottery May Get Even Harder – It’s a Tink Thing  At some point we all

At some point, we all have to fight the doctors for a diagnosis, whether it’s the recurring chest infection that you know is asthma-like in our case or Autism in the case of Tink. Mum knows best so just keep up the fight

Is My Child an Introvert? – Then there were three

We all worry about our kids making friends and not being on their own, but what if they are an Introvert? How would you handle that ?

Look For The Helpers – Mum Making Lemonade

None of us can get our heads around the terror attacks of the last few weeks and less so when they are on your door step. Fred Roger’s looks for the helpers has been poured across social media and bring light into a very dark time.


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