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If I though by giving my notice into my day job things would get a little less stressful than I was wrong !! This week has seen me take on 2 other projects on top of finishing up in my day job. I seem to have an issue with saying ‘no’ to people. I love being busy and I am über proud that I am standing on my own 2 feet and making a leap of faith but even I agree I need to calm down a little. I have made a  promise to myself that once these 2 projects are over I am going to have a break and just concentrate on one thing at a time. Do you sometimes get a bit giddy and take on too much stuff?

It’s Coming Up To That Time Of Year Again ……. Daydreams Of A Mum  – The more that people write about their domestic abuse the less the taboo. It’s not right, it shouldnt happen but it does and if you can inspire just 1 women to break free it’s worth putting your post together. An Open

Letter To 23 Years Of Bullies – Mayflower Blogs – Bullying at any age is not right and even more so when another adult bullies you.A very deep post but a great powerful read.

7 Things To Think About When Returning To Work – Confessions Of A Working Mum  – 7 practical and well throughout suggestions for returning to work. I will be following a few of these suggestions before I finish my day job at the end of July.

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  1. Bullies…. the word still makes me feel a bit sick. Good selection of posts from the heart. xx

  2. Thank you for including my post!

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