My dream bedroom


We have finally moved into our dream house but the cost of the move , new carpets , blinds and decorating the kid’s rooms has meant that our own lovely bedroom is looking very bare and we don’t have the budget to buy new furniture. So how do you make a plain canvas of a room into a romantic Boudoir ?  That’s right ……… you update your soft furnishings and accesories.

Here are a few suggestions from me & my fellow bloggers on how to create your dream bedroom on a budget.

  • Update your duvet cover to a nice bright summer colour. You spend several hours a night in bed ( hopefully ) so make it feel relaxed & comfy.
  • Buy new bed linen.People always forget about bed sheets, but there is no point having a fancy new duvet cover if your bottom sheets are old and tatty. I think fitted sheets are a must and so much quicker to change rather than spending 2 hours trying to do hospital corners. I buy mine from Julian Charles.
  • Stacey  – We use wall vinyls (can get them really cheaply online) to create a feature wall and change it every single time we fancy it… usually every year.Totally transforms the room usually for less than £30!
  • Jo – We get new throw pillows for our bed every 6-12 months, changing the colour scheme every time. It always feels like a new room after.
  • Update your lamp shade to a modern design one. Think chrome or rose gold or if you really want a boudoir feel buy a chandelier. You can find really nice but inexpensive one’s in any home improvement store for less than £20.
  • Use spray paint to change the colour of your set of draws or side tables. So much quicker than painting them and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Victoria – We’ve added a handmade throw to our bed and a huge canvas behind the bed and it looks like a different room!
  • Lynne – Flowers in a vase or a plant. I bought some huge fake pale pink peonies to add a feminine touch to our grey bedroom. It really softens the feel.
  • Sarah – Free printables from Pinterest! Quotes, artwork whatever you fancy I guarantee you’ll find it. Print it & pop it in a frame! Total cost = 0!

I hope we have given you some ideas to update your bedroom. If you have any suggestions then leave them in the comments below.


  • Click here  and take a look at this cool e-book from Julian Charles for even more home styling inspiration




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