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I was asked by Holiday Gems to share my favourite photo from our recent holiday to Tenerife. Now I could have picked one of the kids and talked about how cute they looked but I decided to pick this one of me. My body is no longer the toned size 8 it once was and the bags under my eyes have to be hidden by large sunglasses but on that particular day, I decided to put on my Baywatch replica red cossi and rock the shit out of being 35. There are times in life when you just have to stop worrying about your body and enjoy the moment. I was terrified people would stare at me for all the wrong reasons but far from being told i looked like a sack of potatoes I received lots of compliments. Body Confidence is a huge Issue for many of us and the fear of being judged can ruin what should be a happy occasion. Partly being brave and partly not caring, Body Confidence is something that needs to be worked at all the time.Here my fellow Bloggers tell you how they too have overcome their Body Confidence issues.


  • Look in the mirror every day and instead of noticing what we don’t like, notice what we DO like – it takes time but we really can flip that switch when it comes to our thinking – Ally
  •  I look at my wobbly bits and think “whatever” I was lucky enough that my body made, carried, delivered and fed a baby for the best part of two years. That’s pretty awesome and always gives me a boost when I need it – Kat
  • List three things about yourself or your body every day that you love. Work hard to think of the 3 things if you have to, but you WILL find 3 things every single day – Katy 
  •  I dress to suit my shape. For a long time, I tried to hide my whole body to cover my insecurities whereas now I recognise my better bits and accentuate them to distract from the parts I don’t like – Laura
  •  If you go into a room with lots of other people just remember, they are not thinking about how you look, they are fretting about how they look. So just enjoy yourself! – Nikki
  • Surround yourself with positive influences, focus on things you love no matter how small, remember that body confidence is a journey and everyone takes a different route. There are worse things in life you can be than fat. – Kelly
  • Throw away the scales and stop thinking of yourself as a number or figure. We are so much more than a number after all. – Fiona
  •  I like to look at old pics of me and see how much I have achieved. Two kids, career etc and everything I’ve done. Helps me put things in perspective. – Charlotte  
  •  I now just think to myself that every other Mum probably feels the same way as I do, especially when you have to get your swimsuit on to take the kiddies swimming. So I’m actual fact no one is looking at me because they are all too busy worrying about how they look. It’s daft though, isn’t it?  I reckon most of us look fab for what our bodies have been through! – Emma 
  • This is something I am currently struggling with, but working to overcome. I am trying to DO and SAY something positive about my body each day. For example, walking 10,000 steps and appreciating my good hair day. I also think it’s a great idea to stop reading magazines and tabloids that focus on unrealistic goals and focus on bodies and style over substance. – Lynette
  •  I love to follow body positive accounts on Instagram and surround myself with inspiring women who are a variety of shapes and sizes. I avoid traditional ‘beauty’ magazines with a one shape definition of beauty. I love accounts like Bodi Posi Panda and Grrl Gang Art who help me see the beauty in all bodies – Nyomi


If you have any tips or hints for how you have overcome body confidence issues then leave a comment below.




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