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      After following the online campaign of my fellow Blogger Emma from Not My First Rodeo , I have made a vow to not buy fast fashion during 2018. That doesn’t mean for one…

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We saved for nearly 7 years to afford our forever home we live in now so every penny was carefully accounted for. We missed out on nights out, holidays and luxuries so we could move from a small 2  terrace house with no garden to a spacious 4-bed property on a huge plot of land. We now live in our dream home and thanks to the interior design efforts of Charley we even have original works of art all over the walls. It feels good to know that me & Lee can give our children the opportunity to grow up in a nice area, with nice neighbours and plenty of space to play and grow up in.

One of the biggest expenses when moving is actually selling your property in the first place. We contacted most of the high street estate agents to get valuations done and discuss their selling fees. It was quite shocking to find out that some of them wanted upwards of £2500 for advertising our property and ‘hopefully’ selling it. This was crazy money as far as I was concerned so I started researching online estate agents and soon found most had selling fee’s around the £500 mark. I then spent a few days looking at the houses listed on online estate agents and was pleasantly surprised to see most had only been listed in the last  6 weeks. As a lot of the online estate agent have similar fee packages I used HomeOwners Alliance to compare and find the best agent for us. When I had chosen the company and package to suit our needs I found the whole process really easy and straightforward. We decided to do our own photography of the house and found that we were able to capture many better quality photos than you would see in an estate agents window. We then uploaded them along with a brief description and the online agent sent a representative out to take all the measurements and put a for sale sign up. Within 12 hours our house was for sale online and viewable on 10 different market sites.Within 24 hours we had 2 viewings and within 2 weeks were had sold our house. The whole process was so easy and stress-free. As the fee was a one-off upfront amount, we didn’t have to worry about trying to find thousands of pounds after the sale had completed and we could just get on with packing and start getting ready to move to our new home. I would 100% recommend using an online estate agent for your next move, whether that’s the sale of your house or you are looking to move into rented accommodation. The whole service is much slicker and thanks to the internet on the go you can keep up to date with the progress of your sale by checking your account, instead of 3,00000 phone calls to a high street estate agent.

I asked some of my colleagues if they had used an estate agent and here’s what they said.

The main benefit is the price. They usually have a set fee, far below that of a traditional agent. And the more your house is worth, the more you save. –  Pete

Ours was so easy, think we went with EMoov. Could delay payment for a year too. Had our house sold within a couple of months too.  – Adam

You know they will put getting your house on the web as the priority. Everyone is on the web nowadays and high street estate agents have too many other things to focus on – Jen

We used EMoov. The photos were amazing and it cost £550!! High st Estate agents were charging £4000. Easy to arrange viewings too.. –  Lynn

The price, definitely! We’d have saved around £1500 if we’d have sold ours through an online agent 4 years ago, but back then we didn’t really know about them. Victoria


I hope this information has been useful to you and it saves you from overpaying in selling fees. Take a look at the Home Owners Alliance website I mention above to compare the best package for you and your home.



This was was in collaboration with but all my thoughts & opinions are my own.

A View From the Top

Yes, I know it’s an odd title for a blog post but that’s where I am. Stood at the top of my mountain. 12 months ago I dreamed of a better life, of being at home with my kids more, of doing a job I was passionate about and pretty much to the day I have achieved my goal within a year.None of this was luck, it took blood, sweat & tears to get to this point and I am immensely proud of myself and my hard work.But what now ???  Is it o.k to just sit up here for a while, swing my legs over the ledge and enjoy the view or am I supposed to look at the next bigger mountain and start trying to climb that? I am not really asking you as my readers, I am asking myself. I have put my mind and body through 12 months of trauma finally deciding to quit my old job, investing £2000 in a course I didn’t know if I would pass or get work from and living on less money than your average teenager. So can I officially give myself a break? You would think I would be proud of my achievements and happy to enjoy the view but I still have this burning desire to start climbing bigger, tougher mountains. I am not sure this feeling will ever go away however many mountains I climb.

You Are Who You Are

I have learnt a hell of a lot about myself in the last 6 months. I dipped my toes into being a stay at home mum while I did my training and however much it was a beautiful bonding experience, I also found it extremely frustrating and lonely. Having had a very social ( but stressful) career for 7 years being at home with a 2-year-old day in day out made life feel very isolated. My return to the working world has been a breath of fresh air and I am sure I have made up for 6 months of lost conversation by chewing my colleague’s ears off this week. It’s always been a bit of a joke about my lack of skills in the kitchen but truthfully I hate cooking.I really tried to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals but 99% of the time they tasted awful and we ended up at McDonald’s. I also hate cleaning. I love the look of a sparkling clean house but when you have 2 kids under 6 messing it up behind you, enthusiasm and pride soon go out the window in favour of shutting the blinds so the neighbours can’t see the 5 days worth of pots & washing piling up in your kitchen. The main thing I have learnt about myself and sorry to be brash is I like money. I like the pride of earning my own wage and being able to buy pretty things. Not so much the desire to buy expensive handbags anymore but just to know if I wanted to I could. I like expensive meals and spa days with friends and although Primark is my Prada I also enjoy the thrill of buying the occasional bit of Gucci to bling up my outfit. View Post


I am now in my final week of the Digital Mums Social Media Course and the final few days of running my digital campaign – No More Nine To Five. I feel like I have been doing this course for years but in fact, it’s only been 6 months. There has been high’s and lows and lots of late nights. There have been moments when I have slapped my laptop shut and the thought of sending one more tweet made me feel physically sick, but throughout this, I have had 6 little voices in my head telling me I could. I promise you I am not going mad, the 6 voices were those of my Digital Mums Peer Group. We, seven ladies, started in July, unknown to each other and totally unsure if we would all be here in January.Without my band of Digital Sisters, there is no way I could have finished this course and be so excited for my next adventure.My peer group has been my lifeline to success and my cheerleaders when no one else can understand why a re-tweet from the @HonestMum has sent me streaking in excitement around the kitchen.There is no easy way to say this but the Digital Mums SMM course is hard and time-consuming and on top of being a wife & mother, at times you want to pack it all in and go hide under the covers. As I have mentioned before on in  blog Reducing Our Childcare Bill from £500 to £0.00, we decided to take Charley out of nursery when I finished my corporate job in July and even though it has been hard trying to entertain a 2-year-old and complete the course it has meant that I have seen her every day and we have enjoyed lots of 1-1 time together that I would never have had in my previous job.



At times it felt like I knew nothing about social media and I have just been winging the course but now I am ‘hustling ‘ for business and actually analysing prospective clients social media platforms it’s very amazing how much I have learned.My worry when starting the course was could I  get paid work after graduation and it has become quite clear that the Digital Mums name along with its accredited training will get you through the front door of many businesses. My decision to take on a campaign to promote Flexible Working was definitely the right choice for me. Having a wealth of experience of trying to juggle a high-powered job with 2 kids and limited childcare, I feel that running this campaign and being part of the Digital Mums movement has cemented that my decision to leave my previous job was the right one. I have met so many amazing local women in business and heard their stories of success and thanks to this i now have several prospective clients in the pipeline. I do think that having my blog and having a social media background has at times been an advantage to me but then I also think that I had some bad social media habits that the course has helped iron out. The course does not come cheap with an initial investment of nearly £2,000 but do I think this investment was worth It ? Yes, 100 %. Taking a huge wage cut from 3K a month to a few hundred quid earned through my blog while I train has been challenging at times but with the end goal always in sight, it’s only 6 months of your life. I feel extremely confident and excited for the next chapter of my career. What will the future hold?  who knows, but I know that I have made some lifelong friends and am now part of the ever-growing #DMCollective




January can be a very dull month and after a booze-filled December, your skin can look just as dull. So pour yourself a glass of hot water & lemon, grab a pen & paper and let me talk yours through the Top 10 Beauty Products from 2017. All guaranteed to bring a winter glow back to your face & body.

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