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My Style at 35

I am now officially in my mid 30’s and as a mummy of 2 I can’t get away with short skirts and lots of cleavage anymore. My poor boobs definitely need a helping hand but now it’s…

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My Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

I am turning 35 tomorrow and after 12 months of watching my pennies while on Maternity Leave, I am looking forward to treating myself to a few luxury items. It does the soul good to go shopping once in a while and resist the instinct to spend all your money on things for the kids or the house. So here’s my Birthday Wish List…………. View Post


Posts From The Heart #4 – Favourites

Welcome, February !!! I hope everyone is happy that the glumness of January is finally gone and we are well and truly into 2017. This weeks post have reflected the change and there have been lots of great upbeat posts. My 3 Favourite this week are –
Mama Cat & Baby Bee – A Letter to my Breastfeeding, Bed-Sharing Toddler – This is a lovely sweet post of doing what is natural. Co-sleeping and breastfeeding on demand were not predestined but that’s what Bee wanted and that’s what mum has done. We all need to follow our own paths.
Rainbow Dust – A letter to me…. – This is a bitter sweet post but truly from the heart. When something doesn’t go quite right we always blame ourselves and we have to learn to understand that somethings things just happen.
Mind Your Mama – WHY I WILL BE INVESTING IN MYSELF IN 2017 – This posts speaks volumes to me and is my mission of 2017. We all need to take stock and reassess if working is the best option and if we don’t work outside the house what can we do ? I look forward to reading your journey.

Posts From The Heart #5

Hello and welcome back to Posts From The Heart, hosted by myself and fellow blogger Victoria over at Mummy Times Two 

We now into our 2nd month of Posts From The Heart and both Victoria & I have loved reading everyone’s posts. There has been tears , tender moments and a lot of laughs. Thank you so much for everyone who joins us each week. We will be starting a 2nd Linky next Saturday called #TodaysMomentInTime which will be a photography based link up & Instagram Community.Simply choose your favourite photo from the week and add it to the collection.Full details will be sent to everyone this week. Hope you can join us !!

So to get onto this week linky. We open at 07.00am on Monday morning and close at 12.00 on Friday night.Remember to Tweet us when you have linked up for a RT.

We love to read blogs about things that matter to people; whether it’s something your child did that meant a lot or a political event on the world stage, from the smallest of details to the grandest of hopes, if what we write about means something to us its light shines brightly.

We wanted to create a Linky to showcase those posts, to make sure that those posts which mean the most to us are seen and read, and this is the result of that dream.

Whether you’re here to link up, or here because you like us you love to find out what people care about, welcome and thank you for joining us.

Each week, we’ll read, comment and StumbleUpon each post as well as each choosing our three favourites to highlight the following week.

Remember, as Mrs Christmas likes to say ‘If you give extra kisses, you get extra love’, the more you put in the more you will get out.

Our Rules

  • You may link up a maximum of two posts, old or new, as long as they are about things which matter to you.
  • Please comment on at least 1 of my favourite posts from last week 
  • Please comment on any four new posts which you feel relate to you. There’s no obligation to comment on ours, they are no more important than any of the other posts people have linked up.
    Please use #PostsFromTheHeart in your comments, that way people know where you have found their post.
  • We would love it if you would add the badge if you have any problems doing so please get in touch and we’ll try our best to help.
  • If you would like us to retweet your posts (which we would love to do) please tweet them to @2ndtimeMama and @MotherUnnatural using #PostsFromTheHeart.
  • If you decide to sign up we’ll add you to our email list, and drop you a quick message to remind you when the Linky Opens (every Monday Morning).

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Our Kind Of Love

In Spain aged 20

20 Years Old – 5 Weeks of Dating

I fell in love my with my husband the second I met him. It was one of those breathtaking moments that sweeps you off your feet. I had just started a new job at the Civil service and he was the office joker. We were both 19 and apart from the small fact I had been dating someone else for 2 years we soon found ourselves an item. Within weeks Lee had moved into my parent’s house and within months we rented out 1st flat. Life for us was just one big party. View Post