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Welcome back to week 2 of #PostsFromTheHeart and thank you to everyone who linked up with us. Both Victoria & I were shocked and delighted to have 62 posts linked up in our first week.It’s…

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Now I don’t want people to start worrying. I have no plans to ditch my husband ( just yet ! ) but after reading an interview with Preston-based divorce solicitor Jacquie Birkett from Barber & Co I started to think what I would actually do if it ever happened. View Post


How I Only Spend £50 a Week on Groceries

This isn’t one of those horrid click bait articles I swear. I really do only spend £50 a week on the food shop. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some weeks we do overspend by a fiver or so. Special occasions, a treat here or there, but mainly, if we are having one of our “normal” weeks (whatever one of them looks like) we know exactly how much the bill will be. View Post



We are carrying on our winter adventures and this week’s photos are from our afternoon at Stanley Park. Harry is loving football so any chance he can get to have a ‘kick about’ he will take and Charley has found her feet and now won’t sit in her pram.Stanley park has a huge play area which is perfect for both kids.Charley particularly like this wooden car with a big stearing wheel. I am really enjoying capturing these special moments through photography. My dad is a Photographer and my own childhood was well documented. I love looking back at photo’s of me at Charley’s age, we look so alike.

Charley Sat in a wooden car at the local park

Driving In My Car

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Hello and welcome to Posts From The Heart, hosted by myself and fellow blogger Victoria over at Mummy Times Two 

We love to read blogs about things that matter to people; whether it’s something your child did that meant a lot or a political event on the world stage, from the smallest of details to the grandest of hopes, if what we write about means something to us its light shines bright.

We wanted to create a Linky to showcase those posts, to make sure that those posts which mean the most to us are seen and read, and this is the result of that dream.

Whether you’re here to link up, or here because you like us you love to find out what people care about, welcome and thank you for joining us.

Each week, we’ll read, comment and StumbleUpon each post as well as each choosing our three favourites to highlight the following week.

Remember, as Mrs Christmas likes to say ‘If you give extra kisses, you get extra love’, the more you put in the more you will get out.

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