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I love to wear necklaces and have lots of very fancy ones with tiny beads & charms on them. What I also have is a very grumpy,teething baby who loves chewing on my necklaces. Not a good combination if your not in the mood to do the Heimlich maneuver !! I had already been following Made By Millie Moo on Facebook because I loved the name ( I know a Millie-Moo ) and they make Über cool baby clothes. They posted a couple of days ago about a sale on their range of teething necklaces so I though I would buy one and at £2.39 it was a bargain.  View Post


Mrs Large My Homegirl

I often read Five Minutes Peace to the kids not because I particularly like the book but I hope that one day they will get the hint! With Charley now a very confident crawler I have 2 little shadows following me everywhere. They have invaded my bed, join me at every toilet occasion and now both want to shower with me. I am a huge believer in keeping your kids close but this could be classed as stalking. View Post


This is my 1st Living Arrows Blog but the project has been run for a couple of years by Donna Wishart of What The Redhead Said. Originally taken from the poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” the project is a celebration of childhood.If you want to join in but don’t have a blog then simply post a picture of your child/children on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #livingarrows View Post