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The Sisterhood Of The Digital Mums

I am now in my final week of the Digital Mums Social Media Course and the final few days of running my digital campaign – No More Nine To Five. I feel like I have been…

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Top 10 Beauty Products From 2017

January can be a very dull month and after a booze-filled December, your skin can look just as dull. So pour yourself a glass of hot water & lemon, grab a pen & paper and let me talk yours through the Top 10 Beauty Products from 2017. All guaranteed to bring a winter glow back to your face & body.

Listed As Mentioned In The Video

Body Shop Bouncy Sleep Mask

James Reed H20 Tanning Mist

Body Shop Skin Defense SPF50

Maybelline Great Lash Water Proof Mascara

Chanel Soleil Tan

Primark Stick On Nails

Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids – Cali Gerbera

YSL Touche Eclat

Body Shop Banana Hair Mask

The Ordinary Granactive 2% Emulsion


The Importance Of Cooking With Your Children


I am in no way trying to say my children’s diets are perfect, nor am I going to profess to be the greatest cook in the world but I am a huge advocate of cooking & baking with your kids. Charley may only be 2 years old but she is a dab hand at pouring ingredients into a bowl and her whisking skills would put Gordon Ramsey to shame. With Harry now 5 years old I can teach him the basics of healthy V treat ( we don’t call it bad ) food. We have a diet full of fruit and vegetables but I also do not cut out all the ‘treat’ food. I believe in the saying everything in moderation. Since we have moved into our lovely new house and I had my beautiful new worktop space fitted by Worktop Express , cooking with the kids has become a regular occurrence. We have stuck to very simple dishes like homemade pasta sauces, full of vegetables and brimming with lovely vitamins. We bake wonky cupcakes ( must keep trying ) that even though they are a ‘treat’ food gives Harry & Charley the chance to be creative and design their own toppings. The simplest and most fun dish that we make time & time again is Pitta Pizzas. A fraction of the calories of a standard pizza and takes less than 10 minutes to make. So have a go !! Toppings can be changed to your kid’s taste but I a sure you once you have done this, your Mummy & Me cooking adventures will be well underway.

Pitta Pizza Recipe

What you will need (per person )

  • 1Wholewheat Pitta Bread
  • 1Tablespoon of Tomato Purée
  • 1 Handful of Grated cheese (mozzarella is good too )
  • Any other topping you like. We added ham today but my personal favourite is tuna & sweetcorn.

How to make – 

  • Put all ingredients in separate bowls (This will make it easier for little hands)
  • Put pitta’s in the toaster for 1 minute and then put to one side to cool slightly. Toasting helps stop a soggy base and no one likes a soggy base !!
  • Once cooled dollop a tablespoon of tomato purée onto each pitta and spread all the way to the edges.
  • Now get the kids to decorate them with the desired topping. They tend to turn into Pablo Picasso at this point so let them get on with it and enjoy a brew/wine 😜
  • Now just sprinkle a handful of cheese over the top and pop under a grill until the cheese has melted ( approx 3-5 mins )
  • Then remove, let cool slightly and cut into pieces.

This recipe works for anyone looking for a low-calorie treat, fussy eater children, weaning baby’s (10mths+), basically anyone who loves a pizza.

Stick an old blanket down, get the kid’s teddy bears out and you have an instant teddy bears picnic that will keep them quiet for at least 1/2 hour. The Joy !!!

I hope this has inspired you to start cooking with your kids. If you have any simple recipes you enjoy making with your children then comment with a link to the recipe below.

This post was in collaboration with Worktop Express but all my thoughts & opinions are my own .

Ways To Stay Positive After Over Spending In December

Christmas 2017 was the first Christmas since the age of 20 that I had to think about the amount of money I was spending on presents for family & friends. I no longer have the comfort of a fat monthly wage packet and with blogging work slowing down from November onwards it was a case of making every penny count. The cost of Christmas has been on my mind since I left my corporate job back in July and I have previously written a post titled  How Are You Going To Afford Christmas ? . Luckily for me I took some of the advice given by my fellow Bloggers and put some money & vouchers to one side each month to cover the cost, but after reading a survey conducted by Ferratum UK us millennials seem to be sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to overspending during the festive period. Over 1,000 people aged 18-34 were interviewed and here are some of the key findings

Facts & Figures

 41% of millennials said they are worried they won’t have enough money to pay for
Christmas 2017.

 27% are planning to borrow money to pay for Christmas. 48% have had to borrow money over a previous Christmas period.
 1 in 4 millennials would cancel Christmas this year to clear all their debt.
 37% would borrow money to avoid missing an event they really wanted to go to.

  42% of millennials have hidden debt from their partner, friends, or family.
 35% were worried that their partner, friends, or family would find out about their debt.

Makes depressing reading doesn’t it ??? With January 15th ( also known as the most depressing day of the year ) arriving next week I thought I would share some positive ideas to make January less blue and help you save more green £££.

  • Make extra money by selling unwanted Xmas presents or clear out your wardrobe and list items on eBay.
  • Check out specialist websites like and find out ways to make money online.
  • Do your own financial audit and consolidate any debt to reduce your monthly interest.
  • Own a fancy gym membership but never have time to go? Take advice from The Money Whisperer  and cancel any ongoing memberships you haven’t used in the last 2 months.
  • Why not batch cook your meals? Savings 4 Savvy Mums  is an expert at not wasting a penny in January by going back to basics, utilising what she already has in the cupboards and meal planning out her week.
  • My friend Clare has a clever trick where she pushes back food shopping by 1 day each week of January by making do with whats already in the fridge/freezer. By the end of the month, she has saved nearly a whole weeks worth of shopping budget and this takes the pressure off in February.
  • Take the opportunity to enjoy the free of charge great outdoors like the Ankle Biters Adventures . Fresh air & quality family time helps blow away the January Blues.
  • Don’t keep your debt problems to yourself as Tony the Country Manager for Ferratum’s suggests. ”People could benefit from the knowledge and support of their friends and family if only they would reach out and ask for help”
  • I really love the symbolic way Have Kids Will Travel UK uses to get rid of any negative thoughts from 2017. We took a walk with the kids to the sea and had a think about the year gone by. Talked about what we liked and wanted to do more of and what we didn’t like. For all the things we didn’t like, we picked up a rock and threw it into the sea and then for the things we’d like to do more of, we made a bucket list


I hope that none of my readers are suffering from financial fatigue and that 2018 will be a year of greatness for each of us. If you think you are in need of help to sort your finances out then contact Citizens Advice  for ways to get your finances back in shape.

This was was in collaboration with  Ferratum UK  but all my thoughts and opinions are my own and that of the people mentioned.

From January Blues To Far off Beaches

How was your 1st day back at work after the Christmas break? Have the January blues set in yet? Even sat at home in my office ( only 10ft from my bed ) it took me 2 hrs, 3 brews and a large slab of leftover Christmas cake to open my laptop and start working yesterday. With all the festivities and fun over and done with, the reality now kicks in that we are slap bang in the middle of winter with only months of cold winds and rain to look forward to. So as I was sat in my fancy new office chair from Furniture at Work , staring out into the pouring rain I fantasised about transporting myself Narnia style through my filing cabinet to a tropical island.

I have truly loved seeing all my family and spending some good quality time with the kids over Christmas but what I really crave is time on my own. I would transport myself to a hot tropical beach where a handsome waiter would serve me ice-cold cocktails and an array of tasty hot tapas. Far to lazy to read a book I would instead listen to a couple of classic novels on Audible before checking out the latest fashion crazes on the pages of Vogue. As this is my fantasy I would once again be a perfect size 8 wearing a very tiny but hellishly expensive bikini. My Chanel sandals would match my Chanel beach bag and my long blonde locks would remain frizz free and move gently in the sea breeze. I am forever running around after the kids so on my fantasy day I wouldn’t move off my sun longer preferring for my handsome waiter to look after my every need ( no mucky thoughts, I’m married women). I would enjoy a day of sun, silence and San Juan Tea ( click here for the cocktail recipe ) and watch the sun go down listening to Ibizan hits play in the background. Before returning back to reality ( and my cold office ) I would change into a fabulous vintage Oscar De La Renta evening dress and enjoy a 5-course feast on the beach accompanied by a bottle ( or 2 ) of Dom Perignon while watching fireworks go off in the night sky. Just before returning to the door back to life as I know it  I would collect some beautiful seashells to sit on my desk and remind me of my tropical excursion. That wraps up my fantasy day away , but where would you go to ? Comment below or share your dream day using the hashtag #OfficeNarnia. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination into action.







This post was in collaboration with Furniture@Work but all my thoughts and opinions are my own.