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Well, I hope you have all had a great weekend and are surviving the summer holidays. It’s manic in our house with 2 little ones running around but that’s the life of an SAHWM ( I am loving my new title ) I am off on holidays this week so will be taking a well-earned break next Monday but never fear i will be on hand to comment on you blogs posted this week. Victoria will be posting on her site next Monday so feel free to pop over to her to join in .

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Why I stopped being vegetarian

Pros and Cons of Mummy going ‘Out’ Out

6 things I’ve learnt in six months of exclusive breastfeeding


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What’s New Becci ?

I haven’t written an update in quite a while as far from slowing down life seems to be hurtling along at a super sonic pace. I knew it was going to be a culture shock for me being at home with 2 kids and in all honesty, I am loving it  but if I thought going out to work and blogging was hard then the reality of being at home with the kids, starting a college course and trying to blog is turning out near impossible. I am a pretty organised person and had allotted time for doing my course work and blogging around the little bit of childcare I have on offer but already my beautifully colour coded planner has been ripped up as life just doesn’t work out that way. Last week we traveled with Lee up to Edinburgh and while he worked during the day I navigated 2 children up and down the many hilly streets Edinburgh is famous for. I had every intention of blogging our little trip while we were there but after chasing 2 kids around museums, parks, and the Fringe Festival I was falling asleep before them each night. This week my mum couldn’t have Charley due to a family bereavement and my other ‘working day’ I attended one of my best friends weddings ( which was well worth skipping work for ). So here I am on Sunday morning with a huge pile of course work to do, 4 blog posts to write but with 2 kids to entertain. I have no income to live on apart from what I can earn from my blog so I have no choice but to let the kids make my house into a scene from Lord Of The Flies and deal with the aftermath later.

Who Are You?

This brings me to the title of my blog post. I hadn’t realised until this week how many times in general conversation people ask what you do for a living. The answer was always simple ‘ I am a Corporate Account Manager’ but now I am not a Corporate Account Manager I am not sure what to answer. I feel pretentious if I answer I am a Blogger and the few time I have given that answer people look at me as if I have just come from outer space. I can’t say I am a Social Media Manager as I haven’t qualified yet,  I feel at 35 with 2 kids I can’t pass myself off as a student ( though I will pass you my NUS card if it gets me a discount on anything ), so what am I? Answers on a postcard.

Sinking or Swimming?

I love the fact that people have taken an interest in my blog and my choice to follow my dreams. People across the UK are now sending me messages to say they read my blog and I have been stopped by mums in the street to talk about how they parent on a hangover ( If you haven’t read that post here it is How To Parent On A Hangover ) but every single one of them asks me how I feel now . Do I miss my corporate career? Do I miss the money? Are the kids driving me mad? What does Lee think of me doing this?  Well in part it may still be too soon to answer the above as I am only in week 2 of ‘ going it alone ‘, but this much I can tell you. I BLOODY LOVE LIFE !! Nothing is perfect and more than ever it’s a juggling act but now I don’t care if I drop a few balls. I have only myself to answer to ( plus 2 monkeys ). If to get shit done (like today) the kids stay in their PJ’s and run around like Looney’s  then so be it. If the washing pile over spills but I make my blog post deadline and earn £100 then it’s a good day. Life is definitely still manic but instead of feeling like I am constantly chasing my tail and live on the M6, my days are filled with activities to enhance our family life. I miss my lovely colleagues and it’s going to feel weird not being paid a fat wage on the 20th of each month but I don’t miss that Knott that sat in my stomach for more than 6 months. It’s still early days and I still have another 3 weeks of the school holidays to survive but my new life is worlds apart from my old one. Sink or swim I already know this was the right choice for me.


Let’s face it none of us can hand on heart say our children have the perfect diet. Whether you have a fussy eater or like me a child who covers everything in tomato ketchup, we could all do with a few tips and tricks to get them back on the right track. This Is where the great team over at Families Online  can help us out. They have come up with 16 easily digestible ways to get the kids to eat healthier without taking all the fun out of meal times. After reading through the advice we have started by making smoothies ( Tip No14 ) at breakfast to get that 1st portion of fruit into both kids diets without them even knowing. Click HERE for a quick & easy Chocolate Banana recipe make with mineral packed cocoa.


16 ways to get kids to eat healthy


I hope you have found this helpful and given you some ideas to get your little animals eating more fruit & veg. If you have any tips you want to share then please leave them in the comments below.

This post was in collaboration with Families Online