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We are only a couple of weeks away from Christmas and whether it’s a special gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself this is the perfect time to invest in a little bit of…

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Whether it’s a work’s do or a night out with the school mums, December is the perfect time to buy yourself a new frock and dance the night away. Today’s selection are all from ASOS and with next day delivery, even a last-minute invite will guarantee Cinderella goes to the ball. There is no need to leave the comfort of your sofa and walk around 300 shops in the cold and rain when ASOS have everything you need all at the click of a mouse. I have chosen 3 long, 3 short & 3 maternity dress from their range to show you today and with a  pair of strappy heels you could be dazzling the Directors with your fancy footwork on the dance floor ( no water break dancing though pregnant ladies ) There is something for everyone within my selection but If you don’t like what you see then  pop over to the main site ASOS  to see the other 300+ party dresses on offer. Happy Shopping X

Long & Formal

ASOS Dresses

Embellished Maxi Dress £100                                                   Lavish Alice  Midi Sequin Dress £90                                       V Neck Midi Lace Dress £40

Short & Funky

ASOS Dresses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Asymmetric Shoulder Pad Bodycon £40                                      Leopard Print Open Back Mini £48                             Hello Kitty X Sequin Mini £95

Marvelous Maternity

ASOS Dresses

Bardot Dress with 1/2 Sleeve  £19.50                                  Bluebelle Maternity Cape Dress £25                            Bardot Bodycon Pephem Midi £65



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I am ambitious, I have always been ambitious. The fact that I have 2 children is irrelevant. I walked away from my corporate career because the company could no longer give me what I needed. Sure, they gave me money but as far as growth unless I was prepared to move to London and sacrifice my family the door to promotion would remain firmly shut. The slow year-long death of my corporate career began the day I started writing my blog. The freedom that words gave me and the buzz that I got when people enjoyed my posts made my simmering ambition start bubbling again. My new career was staring at me from my laptop.

A picture of some photo's asking about ambition

So, let’s fast forward to today. I quit my corporate job at the end of July, I am now 8 weeks away from finishing my Social Media Management course while running my Digital Campaign – No More Nine To Five  and I am ploughing every spare minute left after that into writing posts for my much-loved blog. At the end of January, I will be a fully qualified Social Media Manager and will start looking for clients to work with.This will involve networking my bottom off and ‘hustling’ to get my business’s name out there. This is equally exciting and terrifying at the same time.There are days when I feel like She-Ra, like I am the epitome of the Spice Girls #GirlPower and there are days when I am cleaning Weetabix off the ceiling that I wonder why the hell I ever left my secure, well-paid job, but at the root of everything is that word – A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N. Sure , it’s great that I am no longer travelling the country for a job that was draining me and I get to see my boy in his class assemblies. It’s amazing that I am juggling doing this with having Charley at home but my children were only one part of me quitting my job. I want to be successful, in my own right, in a career that will allow me to work around my children’s schedules but ultimately feed my ambition.We as mums are made to feel like if we work part-time or ask for flexible hours from an employer that we have no ambition. That if flexibility is agreed that they are  ‘doing us a favour’ . Ambition is not a dirty word and whether you decide to go it alone like me or keep knocking at the door for promotion just remember the birth of your child should not be the death of your career.


We are fast approaching 2018 and with a new year comes a new urge to redecorate. 2017 saw the Nordic Hygge trend for ‘cosiness and content ‘ takeover people homes along with block patterns & the return of crushed velvet. So, what will 2018 give us in terms of redecorating our homes? David Janes the interior expert from Ratten Direct talks us through his top 3 predictions from his latest Interior guide


If you live in a cosy rural cottage – or simply wish to make your home feel like such a setting – then rustic decor is the way to go.Keep everything simple, right down to the walls and floors. Rugs are fine but don’t lay carpet beneath your feet – stick with warm, varnished wood floors. The same rule applies to your walls; reclaimed wood is the perfect surface for a rustic home, as you’ll want a lived-in impression. Stick with warm browns for your furniture, too – leather is fine, providing it’s not too modern, and you can utilise plenty of storage units dotted around your home.


Transitional decor is another combination old and new that typically takes elements from conventional and traditional aesthetics and meshes them with the sharp style of contemporary decor. Perhaps the easiest way to tackle such a concept would be to picture traditional decor – matching furnishings and all – and soften some of the more homely edges.Decorations (such as wall art) are still welcome but should be used comparatively sparingly.Transitional decor should revolve around neutral and plain colour schemes (no floral patterns are welcome here), and subtlety rules – toss in some variation on the colour scheme by adding linens, cushions, and rugs.

Mid-Century Modern

Based around bold colours such as plum, deep red and brown, you’ll have plenty to play with if you choose this décor style.You won’t need to be shy here, and can allow your imagination to run wild – track down some reconstituted fabrics or simply apply some bold and dramatic wallpaper.This prominence also extends to lighting in a mid-century modern home – aim for large and substantial lighting, even splashing out on a chandelier if you have sufficiently high ceilings.All of these touches will help make your home warm and welcoming.


None of these to your taste? Then check out the rest of David’s interior design guide here and I am sure you will find the inspiration to make your home your palace in 2018.




I am sure your holiday during Summer now seems like a distant memory and with the rain-soaked days and cold winter nights I wouldn’t blame anyone who hops on a plane in search of some sun. No one wants to sit on a plane for several hours or have the torture of entertaining 2 kids on a long haul flight, so in my mind the perfect place to pop over to is Tenerife !! Tenerife has long been a favourite destination of mine. I have traveled there to rave in the nightclubs ( before kids ), with my mum on a girly break and more recently we traveled with Holiday Gems ( click here for details ) as a family of 4 seeking some PG fun. So as I have traveled there several times I thought I would share with you My Top 10 Favourite Places To Visit In Tenerife. Some are attractions, some restaurants & a couple of hotels to give you inspiration.

My Top Ten Favourite Places To Visit In Tenerife

  1. Siam Park  – Rated as one of the best water parks in the world Siam Park is the perfect day out for all the family. We went peak season so I do advise buying fast passes if you go in the mid-summer. Lots to do for little ones with a huge water play area dedicated to the under 8’s, some nice gentle water slides for the novices and then some super speed, high drop rides for the thrill seekers among you.
  2. Las Rocas Beach Club – Not one for the kids !!! This place is aimed at adults only and is a haven of peace & quiet. Full of white cabanas, ice-cold cocktails & where the beautiful people come to play during the day. Pull out your best swimming cossie, bring a copy of Vogue and don’t forget your credit card !!
  3. Bahia Del Duque – Another one you may need to put on the old credit card but well worth staying at. The Bahia is a 5* luxury resort where the rich Spanish flock in the hight of summer. Extremely picturesque, staff on hand to look after your every whim and Moet champagne served with your breakfast each morning. If you are looking for some pure luxury this is the place to stay.
  4. Oasis Shopping Centre – Everyone loves a spot of shopping while on holiday and the Oasis Shopping Centre offers you lots of well-known brands and several smaller boutiques all in one place. It’s like a mini outdoor Trafford Centre. You can buy everything from Jimmy Choo’s too cheesy Tenerife t-shirts here.
  5. First Love – This is the only restaurant where I let the waitress ( also the owner ) order for me.  I have eaten at fine dining restaurants in Dubai and First Love still beats them hands down. Owned by a young Italian couple the food, wine &  atmosphere has some sort of magical effect on you ( I say magical, I mean you may go back to the hotel and conceive your 2nd child type of magic ) No visit to Tenerife is complete without a visit here.
  6. Watching The Surfers – This can be a romantic hour watching the sun go down while the surfers catch a wave or a fun afternoon on the beach as a family with a picnic. The best Location to watch is the seafront of Los Cristiano ( just before McDonald’s ) the biggest waves tend to be October – February so if you are off for some winter sun don’t forget to check the surfer dudes out.
  7. Puerto Colon – Well worth a visit here day or night, the marina offers beautiful restaurants & bars to sit and watch the world go by. The beach has a selection of water sports on offer & a floating obstacle course. Whether you are looking for a relax or an energetic afternoon, Puerto Colon has everything you need.
  8. Cleopatra Palace Hotel – If you are looking for a family friendly hotel in a great local then the Cleopatra Palace Hotel is the place for you. With lots of fun activities during the day and family friendly nightly entertainment, this action-packed hotel delivers something for everyone.Look out for the old school foam pool party on a Wednesday.
  9. Hard Rock Cafe  – No holiday is complete without a trip to a Hard Rock Cafe. The Mac&Cheese is worth the 4-hour flight alone. The Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife is a great family location to eat at thanks to the amazing waiting on staff who can entertain even the most challenging of a child. The food is creative and when you really crave a fancy cocktail and an enormous burger this is the place to go.
  10. The Monkey Beach Club – Looking for a cheeky venue to let your hair down then The Monkey Beach Club is the place. Booming music, shots by the bucket full and dancing till the wee small hours. If you try hard enough you could remember what it’s like to be 18 again ( sadly you liver will remind you that you are mid 30’s in the morning ) but it is worth the hangover 🙂

I hope my post has inspired you to book a winter trip to Tenerife. If you have a favourite place to visit on the island, then comment below. Happy Travels.