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Mum Flu – 5 Reasons To Feel Sorry For Yourself

 No one gives a s**t ! 😫  You are still expected to carry out all ‘wife & mother’ duties inc cleaning,washing,cooking ,all childcare and hold down a full time job.😤 Your husband tells you to…

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Pushing for a Present ????

Hamper of food

Best Push Present Ever !!!!

Did you receive a Push Present? If so did you ask for it or was it a total surprise?

I recently read an article in a national newspaper on the ‘Rise of the Push Present’. According the paper 40% of new mums receive a gift from their partners just for giving birth. Four very posh ladies all discussed their ‘Push Presents’ ranging from designer handbags to £1,000 food mixers.
Now I’m going to be honest and say I got a couple of ‘Push Presents’ from my hubby ( eternity ring & food/booze filled basket) and I may have dropped a few hints to steer him in the right direction but reading the article left me feeling cold. View Post


Choosing the WRITE SIZE Pencil

WRITESIZE Pencil Range

WRITESIZE Pencil Range

While I was learning the art of being a blogger on Sunday at BlogOn I had the chance to meet with a few companies and chat about their new products. One of the companies I met was Small Man Media who represent a verity of brands but the one that caught my eye was WRITE SIZE who specialise in products to help children with their handwriting skills. I was kindly given a sample of their size appropriate pencils to try out. If you already follow my blog you will know that Harry has just started school and being one of the youngest in the year I sometimes worry that he’s a little behind with his writing skills. I struggle to get Harry to hold a pencil or practice writing at home so I thought we would road test the pencil designed for 2-6yr olds and see if it made any difference. View Post


Living Arrows 39/52 – A Celebration of Childhood

 “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” By Kahlil Gibran

                                  Simply Happy

Charley eating icecream

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Friday Fashion – The Return Of The Mummy Bun 

a hair bun

The 30 Second Hairdo

So it took the grand total of 3 days back at work for my freshly  quaffed hair to be douched in dry shampoo and pulled into a mummy bun. I feel like I have let my hairdresser down , myself down and most of all the dry shampoo is now falling down all over my dress adding a necklace of dandruff effect !  View Post