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Friday Fashion – Teething Necklaces 

I love to wear necklaces and have lots of very fancy ones with tiny beads & charms on them. What I also have is a very grumpy,teething baby who loves chewing on my necklaces. Not…

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Five Minutes Peace ………… Not a Book Review!

Mrs Large My Homegirl

I often read Five Minutes Peace to the kids not because I particularly like the book but I hope that one day they will get the hint! With Charley now a very confident crawler I have 2 little shadows following me everywhere. They have invaded my bed, join me at every toilet occasion and now both want to shower with me. I am a huge believer in keeping your kids close but this could be classed as stalking. View Post


Living Arrows 34/52

This is my 1st Living Arrows Blog but the project has been run for a couple of years by Donna Wishart of What The Redhead Said. Originally taken from the poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” the project is a celebration of childhood.If you want to join in but don’t have a blog then simply post a picture of your child/children on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #livingarrows View Post


Friday Fashion – The Denim Skirt 

Fashionable & mum rarely sit next to each other in a sentence. When looking for everyday clothes my agenda is normally to find something comfortable that washes well. Since being on Maternity Leave with a very strict budget my choice of designer clothes have been Oxfam & Heart Foundation but on Monday I dug deep into my penny jar and went upmarket to Primark. I basically had £30 to update my wardrobe with a few key pieces that could be swapped & changed for all occasions.Having stood & read all the fashion magazines in WH Smith this gave me an idea to see how I could use 1 item for 3 different occasions.All 3 looks are based on a dark denim skirt £10.00 from Primark. I have added a few bits from my own wardrobe to help style the looks fully. View Post


We Do Like To Be Besides The Seaside 

So with most of our little playmates off on their holibobs and the sun shining in the UK, we decided to have our very own little staycation and go off to Fleetwood Seafront for the afternoon.We are very lucky to have the beach just minutes away from our house so today we packed up and went to play besides the sea. Hubby is away for the next 2 days working down south so that leaves just me to entertain 2 kids ( again 😂). I love being outdoors with the sprogs and like to take advantage of any where free so with sun cream applied and a quick picnic hashed together we set off for Fleetwood. View Post