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When You Stand On Top Of Your Mountain …………

A View From the Top Yes, I know it’s an odd title for a blog post but that’s where I am. Stood at the top of my mountain. 12 months ago I dreamed of a better life, of being at home with my kids more, of doing a job I was passionate about and pretty much to the day I have achieved my goal within a year.None…

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The Sisterhood Of The Digital Mums

I am now in my final week of the Digital Mums Social Media Course and the final few days of running my digital campaign – No More Nine To Five. I feel like I have been doing this course for years but in fact, it’s only been 6 months. There has been high’s and lows and lots of late nights. There have been moments when I…

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Top 10 Beauty Products From 2017

January can be a very dull month and after a booze-filled December, your skin can look just as dull. So pour yourself a glass of hot water & lemon, grab a pen & paper and let me talk yours through the Top 10 Beauty Products from 2017. All guaranteed to bring a winter glow back to your face & body. Listed As Mentioned In The Video Body Shop…

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The Importance Of Cooking With Your Children

  I am in no way trying to say my children’s diets are perfect, nor am I going to profess to be the greatest cook in the world but I am a huge advocate of cooking & baking with your kids. Charley may only be 2 years old but she is a dab hand at pouring ingredients into a bowl and her whisking skills would…

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Ways To Stay Positive After Over Spending In December

Christmas 2017 was the first Christmas since the age of 20 that I had to think about the amount of money I was spending on presents for family & friends. I no longer have the comfort of a fat monthly wage packet and with blogging work slowing down from November onwards it was a case of making every penny count. The cost of Christmas has…

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