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Digital Mums Social Media Management Course Review – 3 Months Post Graduate

I thought it was about time I did a video and reflected on the last 12 months of changing careers and what it was like to complete and graduate the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course. It was a huge decision to leave my secure, well paid corporate career and not only take the financial risk of spending £2,000 on the course but also to re-train…

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5 Healthy Ways To Get Beach Body Ready

I wanted to be standing in front of the camera today rocking the above bikini and feeling Uber proud of my work in losing a bit of my blubber. If in fact, I had taken a photo of myself modelling this beautiful bikini by Hunkemoller on Friday before Lee turned up with a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of vodka, I may have been more inclined to…

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Our Family Day Out At Coral Island Blackpool

Growing up in Blackpool you sometimes forget about the little treasures we have on our own doorstep for a family day out. Coral Island has long been within the top 5 places to visit in the town and when they kindly offered for me & Lee to relive our youth along with the kids, we set sail straight away in search of an adventure. It’s probably been…

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Top 3 Beachwear Tips For the Fashion Savvy Traveller

I know that right now many of you will be busy shopping for beachwear in preparation for your holidays. The good news is that every size, shape, and age group is well catered for. So, it should be relatively easy to find the perfect swimwear for your holiday. To help you to do that, here are a few fashion and buying tips. Trying Your Swimwear…

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Bucking The Mule Trend With ASOS

  This summer’s all about the mule. No need to spend hours painting your toenails or worrying about your odd-shaped feet as the mule will provide foot coverage during the warmer months. Points are in and the bolder the design the better. The great thing about mules is they can be teamed with anything. As a more sophisticated alternative to the flip-flop while on your holiday or…

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Who Is The UnNatural Mother ?

So who is the UnNatural Mother? Some of you may know me pretty well by now but some of you may only just have started following me. I have wanted to do an updated Q&A for quite a while so it was perfect timing when I was nominated by Donna from What The Red Head Said  to answer the below questions and let my readers know…

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Living Room Inspiration With Cox & Cox

To say we purchased our house nearly 12 months ago we have really struggled to find the time or energy to redecorate the Living Room. The problem we have is we do most of our entertaining in our big open plan kitchen and the kids use the living room more like a playroom. We hate our uncomfy, old black leather couch but due to having 2 small…

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You Have To Be In It To Win It

You may or may not know that last week I won the title of ‘Working Parent Blogger Of The Year’. An award I am extremely proud of and worked hard to get. I was up against some very established and much bigger Bloggers than myself, like Mother Pukka & Laura’s Lovely Blog, but little old me took the award. It truly was a shock to actually win but…

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15 Me-Time Ideas for Busy Mums

On an average day, how much me-time do you get? May you be thinking ‘Me time? What me-time?’ and you’d be right. This is because according to a study, the average mum only gets 17 minutes to herself a day. As mum’s, we are constantly on the go – our work is never done. But we should also make some time for ourselves. Why? Because…

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How To Have A Blooming Good Garden This Summer

You know you are starting to get old when you find yourself buying a nail gun and making wooden planters on a Saturday afternoon. With snowdrops  & daffodils popping up everywhere it got me thinking it was time to start planning what to do with our garden. We have been very lucky to move into a house with a large front and back garden but presently they are…

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Me , Myself & I

Hi, I’m Becci Award Winning Blogger & Proud Mummy of 2. Once a high flying corporate career girl, I quit the rat race in 2017 to become a Freelance Writer & enjoy watching my kids grow up. My days are now spent writing, enjoying family life and indulging in expensive fashion.

Winner Of Working Parent Blogger Of The Year 2018

It is an honour to have been awarded the title, Working Parent Blogger Of The Year by Mum and Working. Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted for me.

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