Party Shoes To Dance The Night Away In

Freelance Fashion with Fashion World #AD-Gifted

Contrary to belief us freelancers don’t sit at home tapping away on our laptops wearing our PJ’s. I spend a lot of my time in meetings or visiting clients so as much as I would love to roll out of bed, jump in the car and spend the day in H&M loungewear I need to look like I mean business.     You can never…

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Hello Is it Me You Have Been Looking For ???

  Hello, is it me you have been looking for?? 🧐 As some of you are new to my blog I thought I would take this chance to say ‘hello’ and introduce myself. 👋 ❤️ I’m Becci, Mummy to Harry & Charley-Rose and owner of a social media consultancy called The Social Flamingo. 👦👧 ❤️ I’m in my late 30’s and I live with my…

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Your Shaving Guide 101

  When us ladies think about shaving, whether it’s our legs, underarms and or more intimate places, there’s not really much to think about – is there? Most of us have a simple, basic routine which we’ve probably done since we were about 13. A routine that sometimes involves, nicks, cuts and even irritated skin. But, that comes with the territory, right? Wrong! There are…

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Christmas at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

  We have just returned from spending Christmas at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest. The resort is just over an hours drive away from Blackpool on the edge of the stunning Lake District National Park. As first timer’s at Center Parcs I really wasn’t sure what to expect and as we had paid nearly 3 times the amount we normally pay for Haven  and i prayed Christmas Day wouldn’t…

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What To Buy With Your Christmas Money

We all like a bit of luxury in our life and with the post-Christmas Day sales now in full swing this is the perfect time to buy a designer staple. No one needs a wardrobe full of Balenciaga but investing in a key designer piece will make a Primark outfit look like Prada. A great example of this is my Gucci belt I was given for Christmas last year. The price…

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The Wizard of Oz , Blackpool – Review

  Last week me and the kids were kindly invited to the press launch of The Wizard of Oz at Blackpool Winter Gardens. I have taken Harry several times since he was small but for Charley, this would be her 1st taste of the theatre. The production is advertised as ‘ the perfect family treat this Christmas’ so I thought this would be a safe…

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8 Lessons I Have Learnt Since Going Freelance

I have been running my own company now for nearly 18 months and I would like to think I have made a success of it. I am not going to lie it’s been damn hard work, more than I ever imagined but I have survived my first 12 months which statistically are the hardest. There have been several highs and lows but through learning the hard way…

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  Black Friday is nearly upon us and I can feel your bank balances shaking in fear. Take advance of the Pre-Christmas sales and get all your presents sorted in the click of a button or why wait for the January sales to purchase that Gucci belt you have been lusting after all year. To make life just that little bit easier here is a list of…

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Top 10 Beauty & Booze Advent Calendars

Advent calendars have come a long way in the last few years. No longer are cheap chocolate shapes the only way to countdown to Christmas, now every brand and department store are cramming miniature versions of their best sellers into ornate creations for a daily December treat. So with so much choice, I thought I would research and report on the Top 7 Beauty advent…

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I’m Sorry I’m SAD

  I am sorry I am SAD. I’m very SAD indeed. I don’t enjoy this grey sombre cloud that seems to be following me around and causing me to feel so bloody miserable. I am not myself and however much I try to put a brave face on it I’m not o.k. I want to make it clear that I am not suffering from depression. I don’t have a reason to…

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Me , Myself & I

Hi, I’m Becci Award Winning Blogger & Proud Mummy of 2. Once a high flying corporate career girl, I quit the rat race in 2017 to become a Freelance Writer & enjoy watching my kids grow up. My days are now spent writing, enjoying family life and indulging in expensive fashion.

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