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Benjamins Children’s Cutlery Set Review

Charley The Cave Women Charley has always been a good eater. She will pretty much eat anything you put in front of her. The slight problem is she enjoys eating with her hands. We have tried several different types of cutlery designed for little hands, all have been tossed aside in favour of the cave women method.   Benjamins Children’s Cutlery Set While reading one…

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Choosing The Right Childcare with

One of the hardest decisions any parent has to make is how to pick a childcare provider for their child. For me, that decision weighed on my mind even before I  started Maternity leave. I have spoken on several occasions about the amount of travelling my previous job required and I needed to find a childcare provider that would be flexible to my changing schedule. Having…

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Our Spa Break At Formby Hall – The Mud , The Bad & The Yummy

Last weekend me and Lee packed our overnight bags, dropped the kids off at their Nans and travelled to Formby Hall for a much-needed Spa Break. This trip was a fully paid in advance by me so just to clarify they didn’t know I was a Blogger and we received nothing extra than what we had paid for.  I booked us the Purity Spa Stay ( click here…

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The Marks & Spencer ‘It’ Dress

Marks & Spencer has always been the shop I buy my knickers from and the occasional £10 Meal for 2 Deal. I may have occasionally had a wander around the women’s section while Lee stocked up on work shirts but I can’t say it’s a shop I would head towards during a normal shopping trip. That was until last week. As my day job requires me to be…

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Hot Trends Keeping You Cool At The Gym

Getting back into exercise and healthy eating after a ‘short’ break can always be hard work. Recently I decided that I was fed up with eating beige food and feeling drained so I hired a personal trainer and have begun to fall back in love with hitting the gym. We can all make excuses about lack of time or not knowing what to do when you…

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1 Year Anniversary Of Quitting My Corporate Career

  It’s been officially a year since I quit my corporate career and what a year it’s been. There has been highs and lows and good days and bad. I have done a lot of soul-searching and though I would never have had admitted it  at the time I have had some very dark moments when I have wondered if I had made a mistake.14…

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Label It Or Loose It With Petit-Fernand

  It may only be the 1st day of the holidays but I am sure you are already thinking about the cost of next terms new school uniform, shoes, P.E kit and the 3 million other things kids need for school these days. On top of that If like me your child is off to a play scheme while you carry on with your normal…

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Oscar de la Renta On a Budget

I think by now you will know i am a huge fan of Sex & The City and my teenage ambition in life was to be Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah Jessica Parker and her quirky designer style still inspire me to this day. One of the most memorable outfits she ever wore was the pink Oscar de la Renta dress that Russian artist, Aleksander Petrovsky surprised her with…

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Creating Curves With The Perfect Shapewear

  If you are struggling a bit with your weight or have not been able to keep up with your exercise routine, now, could be a good time to try out some shapewear. Wearing it is a quick and easy way to smooth out any little bulges and create the silhouette you really want. You can find a great selection of shapewear online. Especially, from…

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Harry’s 1st Sleepover Featuring Percy the Police Car Trunki & Giveaway

So my 1st born has been invited to his first sleepover at his friend’s house next week. Harry is full of excitement and having stayed at his Nan’s & Aunties before I don’t have any worries about him getting homesick but like any Mum I want him to have a few home comforts. We purchased our first Trunki a few years ago when we took…

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Me , Myself & I

Hi, I’m Becci Award Winning Blogger & Proud Mummy of 2. Once a high flying corporate career girl, I quit the rat race in 2017 to become a Freelance Writer & enjoy watching my kids grow up. My days are now spent writing, enjoying family life and indulging in expensive fashion.

Winner Of Working Parent Blogger Of The Year 2018

It is an honour to have been awarded the title, Working Parent Blogger Of The Year by Mum and Working. Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted for me.

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