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Facing The Fear – 2018 Plan Of Action

  I am not sure I really knew what I was letting myself in for when I wrote 2017 Plan Of Action – No More Winging It this time last year. I knew that things needed to change and had a pipe dream to give up my day job to blog full-time but even as I write this now I can’t actually believe I did it. Unlike…

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A Child-Free Day In Liverpool

  You will all have seen my pictures on Instagram of me & Lee on our recent child-free day to Liverpool, having fun and knocking back the shots like teenagers. Having spent 7 years working in Liverpool I count the city as a 2nd home and have a great love of the ‘scouse’ way of life. Until my departure from my day job in July I…

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The Five #RentingRules Of Being A Tenant

  Since moving out of our parent’s house 15 years ago, both Lee and I have lived in 3 rental properties before buying our present home earlier this year. Luckily for us, all 3 landlords were great to rent from and we formed a mutual ‘working’ relationship with each one of them.Sadly not everyone is as lucky as we were.I have heard horror stories of…

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Homemade Christmas STEM Toys With Konnie Huq

  After 10 years of being a Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq knows a few things about creating crafts. She has recently teamed up with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to create a series of fun, creative and educational crafts to inspire more children to consider careers in engineering.The toys are designed to make learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) more accessible and…

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Top Ten Gifts for Boys Under 10 From Wicked Uncle

So, yes before anyone says it these toys are suitable for little girls too !!! But just for today Indulge me and let me talk about what I have been buying for all the little men in my life. Now if like me your little male darlings are very hands-on and inquisitive then for an amazing variety of action-packed gifts you need to be looking on Wicked Uncle. The…

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