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This week’s featured Blogger the Dominique  from prettythings2016blog . Dominique is a girl after my own heart and enjoys’ anything that glitters and an afternoon of crafting with her son. She also enjoys her time off from being a mummy so with  a slick of Mac lipstick  & a figure hugging dress Dominique is ready to hit the town ………..…

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#VlogStars – 16 Random Question Tag

So I am a #VlogStar Virgin but I thought it looked good fun and another excuse to practice my Vlogging skills so I thought I would have a go and join in. Every Month Aby  from You Baby Me Mummy & Amy from Invite Vloggers to upload a YouTube video on a set theme.This month’s #VlogStars theme is 16 Random Questions which are listed below.…

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Living Arrows 47/52 – A Celebration of Childhood

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” By Kahlil Gibran The Day You Realise Your Baby isn’t a Baby Anymore The day was always going to come that Charley was going to stop being a baby and start being a little girl and i think i have been slightly blind to the fact that she hasn’t been a baby…

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5 Lessons Learnt – Xmas Shopping With 2 Children

Don’t Kid yourself that dressing the mini people in Xmas themed outfits will make them feel ‘Christmassy’. Nothing will stop these kids from moaning.   Don’t fantasise that carrying the youngest in a sling will mean you can lovingly hold hands with your 4-year-old while shopping. What will actually happen is the youngest will spend the whole trip sticking their fingers up your nose and…

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  This week’s featured Blogger is Jodie from Dear Little Daisy. An amazing Photographer and Blogger  Jodie’s website is nothing short of a stunning piece of art ( I think it also helps that her muse Daisy is so cute ) Jodie is a busy lady and enjoy’s  a Staycations rather than a night out on the town. Here Jodie will run you though her…

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Hotel Chocolat Christmas Giveaway

With Christmas around the corner and the nights getting colder who doesn’t love to snuggling under a blanket with a box of chocolates while watching a movie. Hotel Chocolat is the chocolatier of choice in our house so I thought why not spoil my lovely readers with a  giveaway.The prize is a Hotel Chocolat Christmas H Box with 15 festive themed flavours ranging from Champagne Cream to Mince Pie…

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How to Make Scented Salt Dough Tree Decorations

It’s November and you can’t put the Christmas tree up just yet but you feel like you want to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s cold, it’s raining and you have bored kids. Salt dough is simple, quick and you will have all the ingredients already in the cupboard. They make the perfect gifts for grandparents or to give your own Christmas tree some extra…

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Bye,Bye BoBo – How To Ditch The Dummy

  From being a newborn baby Harry  always had a dummy and he (we) became dependent on it to soothe him and help him sleep.Now I’m going to put my hands up and say that hubby & I never tried very hard to get rid of ‘bobo’ as it was the one thing that could calm our very active child in the evening. We made…

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Kids Fashion – Autumn Primark Haul

With the cold weather upon us and 2 growing children, it was time for a trip to Primark to pick up some new clothes for both Harry & Charley. Harry is now at school and was in need of some more age appropriate items. The joggy bottoms and dinosaur t-shirts that he wore to nursery where now ‘ not cool ‘ so it was time…

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Parents Night Out – Featuring Mumma and Co

This weeks featured blogger is the very sophisticated Laura from Mumma&Co. A very busy lady who between Laura & her Fiance Rob have 6 children ( and Rob wants more !! ). If Laura isn’t in need of a night out then no one is. Over to Laura to tell you about what she like to get up to on a rare night off ……….…

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Me , Myself & I

Hi, I’m Becci Award Winning Blogger & Proud Mummy of 2. Once a high flying corporate career girl, I quit the rat race in 2017 to become a Freelance Writer & enjoy watching my kids grow up. My days are now spent writing, enjoying family life and indulging in expensive fashion.

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